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iBug app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 7664 ratings )
Games Entertainment Adventure Family
Developer: Hottrix
2.99 USD
Current version: 2.0.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 23 Dec 2008
App size: 6.2 Mb

From the wacky creators of iBeer comes the cutest iPhone app yet. Until you dig deeper...

Based on the YouTube sensation for the first iPhone, Hottrix brings you their fully interactive iBug for iPod touch and all generation iPhones.

Meet Seymour, the iPhone ladybug but be aware of Audrey, her evil cockroach alter ego.

Feed it, tickle it, shake it. It lives on your home screen, calendar, music, even on your photos...
Enjoy a little bug companionship or scare mum and your sister using "auto-freak" or simply prove to the world that behind every cool gadget theres a hot -yet buggy- creepy crawly.
Watch what happens when bug love and too many calories collide: Audrey and Seymour grow beyond the gross-factor.
Let the feeding frenzy begin.
Cuddly and Cute or Scary and Gross. The choice is yours.

Watch the action video on and

Pet mode
Scare mode
Shake and tumble

Astonishing realism
Cute sound effects
Make it fat (on/off)
Walks on any screen
Use on any photo or app
Mutable effects
Fully interactive

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Full warranty
Detailed instructions
24/7 support
Video tutorials

iBeer (Brew and drink beer on our iPod touch)
iBeerKeg (iBeers big brother on steroids)
iSoda (Cola, Water, and more. 5 drinks in One)
iMilk (Sober iBeer. Even shakes whipped cream)
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HottrixPhone (Barack Obama calls your iPhone, or Elvis, or Mum)

Pros and cons of iBug app for iPhone and iPad

iBug app good for

 Needs Carnivoures bugs.  Option to have more bugs on the screen at once.  Bugs not the same species should fight/eat each other.  Ability to hurt and squash you bug. (swipe pets the bug, a tap smashes it)
This is a very creative app, the more you feed it, the bigger it gets! It is pretty cool for little kids, too!
This app is great when all your others are... Well... Get boring! iBug is pretty nice. Its not the best app ever, but its still at least 3 star material.
Great game! One of my favorites! Just one thing, it seemed that when I shook my iPod touch to make it fall, it would freeze for a second or two the first time. Maybe you could consider fixing it in an update? Thank you!
The bugs r so cute! My kitten tried to bite them and it was soo cute. I use it 2 trick ppl!!! 
Really fun I could use this for hours... But the bugs dont really look real. And there are only 2 bugs. I payed 3 dollars 4 this so they should use more bugs like spiders or catipillars or any other bug... Plzzzzz update soon! :)

Some bad moments

Hey hottrix I want my money back You scammed me into thinking it goes on apps and the home screen but it only works on pictures and screenshots So I want my money back or I will contact iTunes and tell them about the scam
This is horrible! Its not even worth 99 cents. Sure, it goes on your home screen. A fake home screen. Then all you do is give it food. Its entertaining for about 10 seconds then its just boring. I have free apps 500 times better than this rip off. I want my money back!
All I have is 5 things to say: 1) COMPLETE WASTE of money. 2) Doesnt even deserve 1 star. 3) All you do is tap the screen and feed a stupid little bug and then "tickle" it. 4) DO NOT waste your time buying this app because I did and I want my money back!!!!!!!! 5) I do not recommend this app for ANYONE.
Its a waste of your money I only had it for 2 minutes and I deleted it. Dont get it
I paid 2.99 for THIS it only has two And you cant do anything but feed and tickle themUpdate this game with more  and more things to do then maybe this will be .
I paid 2.99 for this a bug on a screen. I can get a bug for free in my backyard, and put in on my screen. Then feed it a leaf. ????